Dr. Gururaj Karajagi, a doctoral degree holder in Chemistry from Karnatak University, has published over 22 research papers in International journals. He has served as a member of several prestigious Educational and Governmental committees. He is a life Fellow of the Electrochemical Society of India. He is on the boards of Management of a few Medical Universities. Dr. Karajagi also served as a member of the State Resource Group (SRG) for the implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) in the colleges of Karnataka.
      Dr. Karajagi is a well-known columnist who writes for a popular daily and has completed more than 900 columns. His three books entitled “Karunaalu Baa Belake” are immensely popular and have seen several editions. Through the Academy for Creative Teaching, Dr. Karajagi is instrumental in building over 40 schools of very high quality all over the world. He is also a member of the Karnataka Jnana Aayoga.
Mr. K.S. Sridhar, Coordinator
   Mr. Sridhar is an enthusiastic educator with a passionate commitment to support the ideals and vision of H.H. Sri Vibudesha Theertha Swamiji.
      Equipped with B.Sc., and a Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree in Education, he began his teaching career as “Mathematics Teacher”, in various schools, which spanned for a period of 5 years. He was appointed as Principal of Poornaprajna Education Centre, Belur in 1994. For the last 18 years he has been serving as Principal of Widia Poorna Prajna School in Bangalore.
      With a natural ability for good communication and practical teaching experience spanning over 23 years, he has conducted several in-service teacher development programmes for various schools in Bangalore.
   Avanthi is a Faculty member at Poornaprajna Institute of Faculty Improvement. She conducts teacher development programmes for in-service teachers and soft skills training programme for college students. She believes in sharing ideas, in her sessions, based on what works and that which isn’t complicated.
      She has worked as a teacher for over 15 years. She started off her teaching career as a Computer Science teacher and later went on to work as a teacher at various levels (from Pre-Primary to High School).
      Since becoming a trainer at Poornaprajna Institute of Faculty Improvement, her working has become more varied and challenging. Her work ranges from Planning, Coordinating, Training and Public Relations to Mentoring.
Mrs. Seethamahalakshmi, Principal, PPEC, Nursery Section, Yelahanka.
Mrs. Kavitha Kulkarni, PPEC, High School, Math and Science Teacher, Yelahanka.
Mrs. Seethalakshmi G.H, PPEC, High School, Math, Science and Computer Science Teacher, Yelahanka.
Mrs. Latha A, PPEC, High School, English and Social Science Teacher Yelahanka.