In-service Teacher Development Programmes

Teacher development programmes act as refreshers and gives a really strong foundation in teaching methodology for in-service teachers. A professionally, well-developed teacher ensures good academic performances of students under his/her care. Professional knowledge and soft skills together with personal qualities and experience mould the teachers. These programmes also provide opportunities for teachers to meet experts in their field.

PIFI offers in-service teacher development programmes for various levels.

1. Pre-Primary Level

Half - day Workshops (3 Hours )

1. Designing the Pre-Primary curriculum 2. Planning the Pre-Primary Time Table. 3. (Classroom Organization (Physical environment, desks, working space, classroom appeal, bulletin boards, storage of materials and supplies etc.
4. Setting up Audio visual and Pre-Primary Library. 5. Physical Development in little ones [ Free Play (Indoor & Outdoor)]. 6. Developing knowledge and understanding of the world (GK).
7. Developing creativity in little ones (organized activities such as colouring, pasting, simple crafts etc). 8. Giving meaningful Home work. 9. Preparing worksheets.
10. Preparing Student Portfolios (Assessment) and report card comments. 11. Parent – Teacher communication. 12. Staff meetings.
13. Roles of class teacher, assistant teacher and ayah. 14. Organising exhibitions, class programmes, Educational tours & Picnics.

Full- day Workshops (6 Hours )

1. Language Development in Pre-Primary children (Story Telling) . 2. Language Development in Pre-Primary children (Rhymes) . 3. Developing pre-reading & pre-writing skills.
4. Developing pre-number concept. 5. Classroom Management techniques (Classroom rules, Discipline and organization) . 6. Training disabilities (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, ADHD– identifying and Remediation.
7. IT training for pre-primary teachers (PowerPoint & internet functions).

Certificate Course in Pre-Primary Education (50 Hours)

1. The Pre-school Teacher. 2. Classroom Management . 3. Communication Skills.
4. Language Development in the Pre-schooler. 5. Psychomotor Activities. 6. Socio-Emotional Development.
7. Number Sense and Math Activitie. 8. Organizing programmes and events 9. Assessing young learners.
Training Methodology: Learning will be achieved through presentations by trainer as well as group work. The modules are customized to cater to the requirement of the school. Application of shared inputs will be assessed by trainer by visiting classrooms during school working hours.
Certificate: All participants will receive a Certificate at the end of the training programme.

2. Pre-Primary, Primary and High School

Half - day Workshops (3 Hours )

1. Applying theory of multiple intelligences to teaching and learning. 2. Effective Communication Skills for teachers. 3. Developing interactive worksheets.
4. Disciplining with dignity. 5. How to give meaningful homework. 6. Inculcating values in the classroom.
7. Useful memory techniques to help children use their memory more efficiently. 8. Mind Mapping. 9. Emotional Intelligence for better self-management.
10. Presentation skills for teachers. 11. Stimulating creativity in the classroom. 12. Stress Management for teachers and students.
13. Teacher attitudes and values. 14. Teaching and learning styles. 15. Right to Education.
16. Time Management strategies for teachers. 17. rtance of Spiritual Education in schools. 18. Spoken English – [Tips and Techniques].
19. Ethics in teaching. 20. Teaching spelling. 21. Group dynamics, Teachers as leaders.
22. Self esteem and positive self image. 23. Positive attitude. 24. Recipe for teaching, Conflict Management

Full- day Workshops (6 Hours)

1. Learning disabilities (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, ADHD)– identification and Remedial teaching. 2. Lesson Plans that work. 3. Mentoring & Counseling.
4. Resource Kit Development. 5. Expressive and Receptive skills & 6. Teacher-Centered and learner centered instructions

3. Subject Specific Workshops

3 - Day workshops

1. Creative teaching of Mathematics/ Science/ Social Science/ Languages. 2. Content strengthening programmes in Mathematics/ Science/ Social Science/ Languages. 3. Preparation of Lesson Plans in Mathematics/ Science/ Social Science/ Languages.

1 - Day workshops

1. Preparation of Blue Print and Question Papers. 2. Preparation of worksheets. 3. Resource Kits.
4. Activity-Based teaching.