Student Programmes

School:How to study? How to face Board Exams? Which career do I choose? These are some of the questions that bother today’s students. PIFI addresses these areas through Student Programmes exclusively for 10th standard students.
College:In todays’ changing scenario, academic qualifications alone do not make one competitive to get a job they aspire for. The companies out there are looking for candidates with good communication skills, presentation skills, body language, confidence and ability to work in a team. Students in turn are looking for meaningful employment, help with soft skills, confidence building, interview skills etc., the colleges have realized this need and are providing employability skills training along with the existing course curriculum.
   PIFI provides college student programmes that include etiquette, grooming, body language, influence of friends, communication skills, team work, CV writing, Interview skills, leadership skills, conflict management etc., The participation of these students is high on enthusiasm and energy.